Graveside mementoes begin disappearing – the security camera footage is shocking!

Just when you think people couldn’t sink any lower, along comes someone who really takes the cake. And in this case – two people taking much more than cake! Thankfully, their heinous act was caught on camera – and justice prevailed. You’re not going to believe what these two horrible women did!

Losing a loved one is the hardest experience for any human to go through, and we do everything we can to get by, while at the same time as honouring and remembering them. Regardless, it is still an incredibly painful experience, and there’s not much anyone can say or do when you’re going through it. You’ve just got to carry on as best you can.

One of the traditional acts we do when a loved one passes is to bring flowers to their graveside. This we have done for hundreds of years as a mark of memory and respect. And it doesn’t have to be flowers – people can bring photographs, trinkets, memorabilia, medals, clothing and even stuffed animals. We use all sorts of touching ways to show our affection and to remember the dearly departed by their headstone. Which makes what these two women did utterly inexcusable.

New London’s Grove Street cemetery in Ohio was experiencing a strange phenomenon of things just disappearing. Flowers, bouquets, arrangements and other mementoes suddenly started to go missing – and locals were understandably upset. As one woman says – “this cemetery is very dear to my heart…I felt sick, who would do that? What person would do that?”

Local law enforcement decided to turn to the security camera footage from the devices overlooking the cemetery – and they were astonished at what they saw. So will you be when you watch this shocking video below. You’re not going to believe your eyes.

Two women in their mid-sixties are seen casually strolling around the cemetery and helping themselves to flowers and mementoes that other people had lovingly placed on family member’s graves, and loading them up in their car. It is sickening to witness someone perpetrating such an act, but what makes matters worse – is that one of the women was an integral and trusted member of the community! How could they not have known they would be caught red-handed on security cameras?! Jail is too good for them – but thanks to the CCTV footage – that’s where they will be going, hopefully for a very long time. Watch these shocking events in the video below.