Great Dane cuddles with baby sister and this is why we love these dogs

A Great Dane proves once again that animals have feelings, and he has nothing but pure love for his little human friend.

Here we’ve got another candidate for “Gentle Giant of The Year.” A Great Dane named Scooby snuggles up to a tiny baby named Cade, and the look in Scooby’s eyes says it all.

You can see the dog holding back a little of his enormous energy, but he almost can’t help himself. The simple act of leaning on Cade knocks him over, and she pops back up for more kisses.

Scooby manages to keep his “kisses” down to “nips” so that Cade. The crowning moment of cuteness is when Scooby pushes his long snout between the baby’s arms as if to say “Prolly safer you hug me than I hug you.”

It’s not unusual for Great Dane’s to handle themselves well with children this small. The breed is known for being gentle and sweet despite its imposing size.