This Great Dane Doesn’t Want To Get Out Of Bed Just Yet — And He’s VERY Vocal About It… LISTEN!

Thor, the Great Dane, has to get up to go potty before his mom and dad head off for work. We’ve all been there, right? That’s part of being a good pet parent. And it seems that Thor knows it’s early too. Watch the video and see him refuse to get out of bed!

Thor’s reactions are priceless! He stretches, rolls around, but never leaves the bed! His growls are sooo funny! It’s like he’s telling his daddy, “Just let me sleep 10 more minutes please!” As his mommy keeps telling him to get up, Thor starts to growl louder in protest!

In the end, Thor makes the effort and stands up. Everyone is happy that Thor will finally go out and go to potty — but falls back down on the bed! This is like a kid being woken up to go to school! Tell us if you’ve ever been woken up like that and be sure to share with your friends!

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