This Great Dane Has A New Friend. I Was Shocked When I Found Out Who It Was.

Unusual animal friendships always make for great viewing. Pair a cat and a dog, an iguana and a bird, a crocodile and a… well, we’ll skip the crocodile one. Anyways, the pairing of these two is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s really cool too. You just have to see the video here.

It shows Kate, a Great Dane, and her new best buddy, Pippin, who is a deer. Yup. They get along famously, romping around, chasing each other, and even resting together. Pippin’s mother abandoned her, and Kate was more than willing to step in and adopt her. It’s so cute to see them nuzzle each other. It’s like they adopt certain traits of each other. Pippin acts a bit like a dog and I see Kate moving around a bit like a deer.

They obviously are the best thing for each other. Pippin needed help after her mom left her. Kate needed a friend. Here we are. Some might worry that Pippin might get too used to Kate and, by proxy, Kate’s mommy. It’s unknown if Pippin is expected to try to return to the wild. This might be considered a special circumstance. If Kate hadn’t been around in the first place, who knows what would have happen

The only other concern that people watching this might have is if something happens to Kate. Great Danes are not known for their longevity, especially given their large size. Pippin is still very young. Who knows how she will react if Kate should pass away? That’s not a problem that can be solved right now, so it’s probably best that they focus on the present and not the future. They should enjoy each other’s company for as long as they possibly can. Here’s to Kate and Pippin!

I loved seeing the sight of this slightly lumbering Great Dane and the sleek deer running around each other. How about you? Did you enjoy the video? Leave a comment below.

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