Great Dane pouts when his mom forgets his morning hug

Kernel, a Great Dane, gave an even greater pout one morning when his mom Alyssa forgot to provide him with his daily hug. They were rushing out one day, and it slipped her mind.

When they returned from their hike, Kernel was whining and looking at her waiting for the cuddle. Then Alyssa realized she had forgotten and gave him exactly what he was looking for.

He definitely has the biggest heart. Kernel is unaware of his sheer size and believes he is a lapdog. Alyssa loves the fact that he always matches her mood and energy.

Kernel’s best talent is making people happy. Alyssa used to work at Boston Children’s Hospital, and she found a patient that Kernal could befriend. She was a young girl who went to Boston for regular treatments.

The sweet girl loved spending time with Kernel. She walked him around the hospital and showed him off to everyone they passed by. Kernel truly brightened up her days there.

Alyssa’s nana lives nearby, and they visit her regularly. Her nana can’t move much, but when she sees Kernel, she suddenly livens up. She loves to spoil him with treats.

Even Alyssa’s dad will do anything for Kernel’s love and attention. Alyssa actually started to train Kernel how to be a service dog, and he has made her so proud.

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