Great Dane Starts Running With His Owner, But His Next Move Is Truly Priceless! OMG!

Dogs are one of the most incredible animals on the planet. They are loyal, playful, and quite entertaining. Dogs comfort us when we are sick or upset, and are our best companions in life. They are called man’s best friend and we are really lucky to have them. And the man in the video below knows just how to appreciate his beautiful pooch. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see what he did for his dog!

During the summer months, dogs can get exhausted when they go out for walks or rides with their humans. They are wearing fur coats, after all, and they can easily overheat if proper precautions are not taken. But this dog owner understands this, and you will see in this video how he takes care of his dog.

To prevent his dog from getting too tired, this dad decided to make a wonderful wagon for him. He calls it the “Luther’s Waggin” and his dog sure does seem to appreciate it. When Luther gets too worn-out to run alongside his owner outdoors, he just cruises along in his new ride.

Thanks to this dog owner’s love for his pet and his ingenuity, Luther has a clever and stylish ride that I’m sure all the neighbor dogs are jealous of. Luther can still enjoy being outside and spending time with his owner, without worrying about the heat taking a toll on him.

Watch this adorable video below! What are your thoughts about this clever “waggin” for Luther? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments!

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