These Great Danes Are Totally Enthralled By This Torrential Downpour In Florida

When severe weather hits, it can amaze everyone. Between tornadoes, hurricanes, and lightning storms, it can always be quite scary to witness something so extreme, even if you’ve seen these things before. For animals, storms are always pretty intriguing. After all, they have no explanation for what’s happening, and can’t seem to understand what is falling from the sky when it rains – or why!

When Max and Katie, two Great Danes from Florida, were faced with a torrential downpour, they couldn’t stop staring at the intense rainfall. They paced back and forth along their family’s porch, wondering what they were witnessing and why it was happening. Dogs are curious beings, so these pooches were looking for answers!

While most Floridians are used to some pretty intense weather, these pups might not have ever gotten as up close and personal as they were when this footage was taken! You have to watch the way they inch toward the falling water over time, extremely curious as to what’s going on. It’s so adorable!

Little do they know, they can witness this all the time if they step outside in a state so prone to rainfall! It’s likely, though, that even if they went out into the downpour each time, they’d continue to ask themselves questions about the event and lack any understanding of it, meaning it could remain pretty exciting for them! What a cute duo. I wonder what would happen if they were to actually run out into the rainfall and get soaked!

Have you ever seen a pair of dogs so interested in the weather? How have your pets reacted to extreme weather like this before? Leave your thoughts on this adorable clip in the comment section down below. Then, share the video with your friends, family, and fellow dog lovers!