Her Great Granddaughter’s Singing Brings This Woman With Dementia ‘Back To Life’!

After getting to a very old age, things can get very difficult for a person and those around him. Senile dementia is very common amongst people over 85 years old, and this can certainly be painful for the loved ones who take care of the elders. But the condition is not absolute, and even in the most severe cases, there are beautiful moments of lucidity that are brought up by the most powerful emotions, such as love. We see a touching example of that in the following video. In it, we see a little girl singing a song to her great grandmother, and it’s one of the prettiest scenes I’ve seen in God knows how long.

When Sophie Flynn met her, Brenda, the 82-year-old in the video, had the most beautiful reaction you could imagine. Sophie started talking to her, touching her face, and finally sang the sweet classic “You Are My Sunshine”. Brenda is usually nervous to meet new people, but she wasn’t disturbed at all by her great granddaughter’s presence.  As Sophie’s mom points out in the video, she even kept asking for her during their 3 day visit in Norwich, where Brenda currently resides. It’s a very sweet moment, it will surely bright up your day in no time!

You can see it for yourself in the clip right below.

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