Gremlin Is The Most Pampered Princess Dog You Will Ever See! Don’t Miss Her Spotlight!

Unlike what her name might indicate, Gremlin is one of the cutest and most pampered pups you’ll ever see! She acts like royalty, and wants the whole world to love her! If you’re a dog owner yourself, you know it’s hard to resist the urge to give them everything they like. It’s impossible to ignore their adorable faces when they’re pleased with you, and every time, they get all too comfortable with it. Mariesa, Gremlin’s owner, has given her something a bit more extravagant that the average dog parent would expect!

On the day of her wedding, Mariesa prepared a very special outfit and makeover for Gremlin to make sure she was looking spectacular for the special occasion. She even got her nails done just as the bridesmaids did. What a pampered pup! She definitely pulls off the look, and she won my heart over already. And you don’t have to worry! Mariesa picked the make-up herself to make sure it was suitable for dogs, and Gremlin did not have any troubles with it. She looked so great, she almost stole the spotlight all for herself!

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