Greyhound jumps for joy when daddy puts his pants on

Falcon is so excited to be going outside! When dad Matt comes downstairs in jeans instead of loungewear, he knows that he must be going for a walk.

Most of us like changing into loungewear as soon as we get home and our pets definitely pick up on this. For Erienne Birt and her partner Matt, the reaction of their greyhounds is all the confirmation they need.

Falcon is one of their standard greyhounds, a larger breed that is known to be full of energy. We can definitely see that it’s true in Falcon, as he just can’t contain his excitement!

When Matt comes down the stairs in his jeans, Falcon has no way to express just how happy he is that they’re possibly going on a walk. He jumps higher than he should be able to in excitement, nearly up to Matt’s height!

What’s even better is Matt’s reaction. The way he seems confused about why Falcon is jumping – not necessarily that he can jump that high – tells us that this is far from the first time Falcon has shown off his moves.

Make sure that nobody tells Falcon that he isn’t supposed to be jumping this high. We love that this is the only outlet he has for how great he feels about going outside.

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