Grinch steals great-grandmother’s wallet. But Christmas is saved!

For an Ohio great-grandmother, a Grinch nearly stole Christmas. But thanks to a good samaritan, she was able to do what all grandmothers love to do: buy presents for the little ones. The heartwarming story even made the local television news.

Helen Wilson was at a Walmart in Springfield to get some Christmas shopping done. While perusing the children’s clothing, she needed to get something from her purse and discovered that something important was missing. “I turned around and my purse was open and my billfold was gone. We could not find it and we had to come to the conclusion that it was stolen.”

Despite the theft of her wallet, Helen was determined to have presents to give her great-grandchildren. She scrounged up a little cash from her rainy day fund and headed over to Big Lots in hope of finding some bargains that would make the most of her modest Christmas budget. Then something downright miraculous happened. “I was in line and I told the cashier, ‘Don’t let me go over $50 because that’s all I’ve got.'” The woman standing in line behind Wilson listened while she explained the whole situation to the cashier and then insisted on paying for everything! As Helen tearfully recalled, “I didn’t have any words. I’m a very strong Christian. I just think the Lord put her behind me for some reason.”

In fact, the great-grandmother was so awestruck by the stranger’s kindness that she didn’t even get a chance to properly thank her and give her a hug. That’s why she got in touch with the local news station: hopefully the kind stranger would come out of the woodwork so she could be given a proper thank-you. As Helen says, “There are really dishonest people in this world but there’s also a lot of good ones.”

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