This Grizzly Bear Adorably Splashes Around The Family Pool! Unbelievable!

When you thing about warm and cuddly pets or adorable animals a Grizzly bear isn’t probably the first thing you think about. Given that they are known not because of their friendly characteristics but because of their intimidating ones! In fact they can be quite dangerous if you’re not careful. While research indicate that grizzly bears aren’t great swimmers, the one in the video below happens to do a decent job of doggy-paddling in the pool.

That’s right, the Grizzly in the video below enjoys doggy-paddling. This huge guy is here to show you that bears can be every bit as adorable and cuddly as a dog or a cat, if you are the right human!

Watch as this grizzly bear climbs the ladder of a pool, and then decides to jump into the pool with an emphatic belly flow. I reckon that this grizzly bear won’t be joining an Olympic diving team anytime soon with the splash he makes. But what he lacks in grace, the bear makes up in entertainment. His dive is highly entertaining and comical, and I’m sure you’ll be laughing when you finish watching this guy!

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