Grizzly Bear Bruiser Thinks He’s a Polar Bear! His Heroic Flop From Slide To Pool! So Graceful!

If I looked out the back window and saw a couple of grizzly bears in my backyard, I don’t think that my first reaction would be to grab a phone to use its camera. Instead, I’d be stealthily making sure all my doors were locked before retreating to my steel-walled panic room and screaming for animal control once I was safely locked inside. The person who took this video was far, far braver than me.

We see a grizzly bear, apparently named Bruiser, about to climb a ladder into a swimming pool. Another one, a black bear, roams around the perimeter. Once he reaches the top, it kind of flops in half-heartedly. Something seems to penetrate his bear brain: “Hey… I can do better than that! Bruiser climbs out and then jumps back in before swimming over to a surfboard that’s floating in the pool.

Sadly, we don’t see Bruiser “Hanging 10” in this video, though it would be cool. This is a fascinating glimpse at a bear at play. Bruiser is a killing machine that could rip through a human like tissue paper if he so desired, but he’s far more interested in his aquatic adventures in this video. Just don’t be fooled – he’s still an animal that could revert back to his base instincts faster than you can say, “Yogi Bear.”

These bears aren’t actually in someone’s backyard. They were taken in by a rescue program called “Single Vision.” That’s their designated play area. They must know the person behind the camera, otherwise we’d just see it laying on the ground while we heard, “AAH! STOP IT! CALL SOMEONE! AHHHH” Imagine if all this did take place in someone’s backyard? There would be police helicopters in the background the whole time. This is just fun time for them at no one else’s discomfort.

I was smitten by Bruiser the second I saw him. Though I’ll admire him from afar. Like only in this video. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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