Grizzly Bear Climbing Up This Pool Ladder. See What He Does Next…

Growing up, we would often make a big deal about seeing a possum or a raccoon in our backyard. That was about as exciting as the wildlife in our neighborhood would get. I’m sure if we ever saw anything bigger than that we would have been scared to go outside.

I can only imagine what it must be like to live somewhere where people have large and dangerous animals roaming around their homes. Just think about how you would feel if you looked out your window right now and saw a bear in your yard.

That alone would be enough to keep you inside for the next couple of weeks and would be an event to tell your friends about for the rest of your life, but this bear didn’t stop there. What happens is not what you would expect.

This man, standing outside within reach of the bear, begins to record what it does. SLowly climbing up the ladder, this bear now hovers above the pool, and as if it is knowingly performing for an audience of millions, it then belly flops into the pool and goes for a swim. That’s right, this bear even goes for a swim, but once it gets out, you won’t believe what it does next.

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