Groom Runs Away From Newlywed Table In The Middle Of Speech. When I Saw Why I Could Not Believe It

Firemen are amongst the most recognized professions. They are very well respected in our country and in every community. They are brave and are not afraid to risk their lives to help someone in need. Being a fireman takes real commitment. You need to have a calling for it. Usually, firemen span across several generations. It is a family tradition and a legacy.

Cody is of those fine people who followed that tradition. He chose to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father is a retired Captain from the Orange County Fire Department and Cody is only a rookie. Despite this, Cody didn’t even think twice before jumping in to help a woman. This woman was choking on a piece of steak at Cody’s wedding reception.

“If I’m ever in a position where I need a fireman to help me,” said Cody’s father and best man, “I hope it’s you, or I hope it’s someone like you.” Those words are about to become very true, but not in the case of the best man. The best man is in the middle of his speech. Suddenly, someone says that a woman is choking. Cody immediately jumps out of his table and rushes in to help.

While everyone gasped and looked on, no one else really knew what to do. Cody remembered what to do in these cases. He used the Heimlich maneuver. This maneuver has proven to be effective in helping take out whatever is blocking the airway. At about the fifth time he can dislodge the steak that was caught in the woman’s airway. After this, the wedding carried on as planned. In fact, the woman finished her steak after the incident.

The timing between what the best man said and the incident with the moment was perfect. Some of the guests thought the whole thing had been staged. When they ask Cody and his wife, they say it is all very real. The room was full of firefighters that night It is not so hard to imagine that they could have planned an elaborate prank.

While it was time to dance later that night, the woman came up to Cody. She thanked him for saving her life. She couldn’t have picked a better time to start choking in. Thankfully, everything came out well. One thing that everyone can be sure is that this is a night that they will never forget.