Groom stops the wedding at the altar to declare love for another woman and gives her the ring

Getting married is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. How do you know who is the right person for you? Is there a way of knowing? Most people say that when you find the person with whom you are destined to spend the rest of your life, you will know. Others say there is no such thing as destiny. Destiny is something you create every single day and does not rely on any outside agent.

When you find the perfect person for you, the perfect wedding needs to be organized. This is nerve-wracking for everyone involved. Bride and groom should not stress out on this. This is something that you will do once in your life only (okay, maybe more than once in some cases), so you might as well help plan it and enjoy the ride.

A very important part of the wedding ceremony is the wedding vows. The idea of a groom making a promise to a woman while they are at the altar might seem corny to some people and disrespectful to others. But this is more than a tradition. This is a chance for the groom to tell her how he feels about her. It’s a chance to align his feelings with his deepest thoughts and speak from the heart.

Janna Lamb began her relationship with her eventual husband in the funniest way. She was shoveling snow out of her driveway one day, it was still cold and she wasn’t looking forward to it. A few minutes into her shoveling, a man named Clifton offered to lend her a much-needed hand. She thought it was very kind of him and agreed. The two of them took a lot more than it would normally take one person. The reason was that they had hit it off from the start. They could not take their eyes off each other and this is how their love story began.

The two fell madly in love and started what would be a long-lasting relationship. Clifton was so sure that he had found the right woman for him that he proposed soon after their first date. This love story would be like any other if it weren’t for one unique difference. Clifton was not only in a relationship with Janna, but there was also another woman that he loved. She was a very important woman in his life, so important that her approval would be needed.

Her name is Jayda and she is Janna’s daughter from a previous relationship. While some men might avoid dating a woman who already has a child, Clifton embraced the idea. They were already a family and he loved Jayda very much as well. For Clifton, marrying the woman of his life and having Jayda in his life would be the perfect wedding. When he gets ready to read his vows to Janna, he knows he must start by reading his vows to Jayda. After he is finished, there’s not a single dry eye in the room!