Groom Stops Wedding To Reveal He Loves Someone Else. Everyone Is Shocked To See Who It Is

Getting left at the altar is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. It is something that you don’t even wish happened to your worst enemy. Sadly, this happens very often. Whenever the priest asks if anyone has anything to say about the couple getting married, no one really expects to be any objection. There’ve been movies that have shown this possibility.

Imagine if it’s the bride who gets left that the altar? This would have to be one of the most embarrassing things she could have gone through. Despite this, the tradition of asking continues until today. The times come when bride and groom tell each other their wedding vows. Writing them down even though it might sound easy is one of the most difficult things to do. How do you putting words what you feel for anyone? How do you tell that special someone everything you feel about him or her? What do you say? For a lot of people, they just freeze. It would probably be the second most embarrassing thing that could happen.

Imagine, everyone’s looking at you in their expecting you to come up with something sweet that shows your feelings. The priest has finished asking the question. Your significant other looks at you, and you don’t know what to say. You wrote everything down, you have in front of you but the words are not flowing. This is a type of stage fright that many people fear.

Especially for people who stutter, this can be a frightening experience. They have fought all their lives to avoid speaking in public. This is the one time they must do it. It’s not like you’re going to ask your best man to help you out. It might be your words and him just saying them, but he would be weird.

At a wedding in Brazil the groom is telling his wife to be his wedding vows. He’s talking about all the wonderful experiences they’ve gone through. These experiences have helped the bond them more. They have been through thick and thin and have always come out of it together. Suddenly, he does something no one expects. He starts to profess his love for another woman.

His wife doesn’t know what to do. Imagine how frustrating that would be. It turns out the woman in question is there at the wedding. He calls her out and expresses the deepest feelings of love, caring, and admiration for her. You won’t believe who it is!