Groom’s Mom Is In A Wheelchair. He Lifts Her Up, Performs Emotional Mother-Son Dance At Wedding

All mothers share a unique relationship with their children.  Whether it’s a birth mother, a step mother, or a mother ship, each mom gives a massive part of herself in order to see that things are better for their child then they were for her.  To care for another, they give up dreams, time, money and any selfishness.

Watching a child grow into an adult after sharing all the memories of growing up creates such a special bond between mother and child. When a mother is blessed enough to see her children reach an age when they experience their own special memories, such as marriage or their own children it’s obvious how incredible these moments are.

In 1983 Lori married her high school sweetheart, Dave.  At the time of her wedding, her symptoms were minimal but they knew that she had muscular dystrophy.  Doctors determined that if her symptoms worsened that she would not be able to bear children.  Despite the odds, Lori gave birth to three healthy children, Heather, Valarie, and David.

Son David was married in 2013 with his mother Lori in attendance.  David planned an incredibly emotional mother-son dance to perform with Lori.  In an amazing moment, David holds Lori in his arms the same way she used to do for him.  He uses such grace and tact in showing the ultimate respect for his mother.

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