Groove Along to “Walk On By” Nearly 60 Years After Release

There are a plethora of bands and artists from the 1960s that we still love today. The sweet voice of Dionne Warwick has stood the test of time, and her song “Walk On By” can even get us on our feet today.

Warwick wrote a lot of her hit songs alongside Burt Bacharach. He had a gift to make music that perfectly fit the young starlet’s soulful voice. “Walk On By” was one of the duos’ biggest hits, and there’s no question why.

The groovy tune first came out in 1964, and many gifted artists have covered it since the release. Dionne Warwick has a gift for singing in a dynamic and classy way that would captivate anyone listening.

This performance was chalked full of smooth dance moves, avocado green dresses, and a jazzy musical number. There’s no denying that Warwick was a real gem, and we wish there was more music like hers today.