A Group Of Humming Birds Flew Up To That Man. But What They Did Next Took My Breath Away!

When Bryan Chapman saw a group of hummingbirds in his yard, he immediately filled a cup. And to his pleasant surprise, the birds stuck around. So he wanted to get a closer look. He filled a red cup with some sugar water to see what would happen. The way the tiny little birds responded left Bryan in awe and shock! Let’s just say that when bribed, these birds become super friendly and fearless.

Brian wanted the hummingbirds to stick around a while, so he had to come up with a way to keep them interested. Thus, the cup of sugar water, a favorite treat of all hummingbirds. He thought he was lucky when one of the birds came closer. But before long, a little group came up to him.

The sweet water tempted them and they hovered over the red cup as long as the water was around. It is amazing to see how comfortable they are perching on a human’s hand! This is very peaceful to watch! Brian couldn’t believe they would actually sit on his hand and drink from the cup, especially for such a long time.

What a beautiful experience for him. This might just inspire him to put more hummingbird feeders in his yard. What about you? Does it inspire you to do the same?

Watch this serene video below! It is really satisfying to spend time with these beautiful birds, isn’t it? Let us know your thoughts about the video in the comments!


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