He Growled At Everyone Who Went Near His Cage. But When THIS Woman Comes Along? UNBELIEVABLE!

The leopard feature in this video had a terrible past in the former zoo where he was held. This led him to despise humans and any kind of interaction with them, and he wouldn’t even venture outside his night cage, even though he had room to roam undisturbed. He growled at any one who tried to come near his cage. His caregivers had no idea how to gain his trust. And that’s when Anna Breytenbach came in.

Anna is an animal communicator and they hired her to see if she could help this magnificent beast ease into his new surroundings. Anna has been practicing animal communication for twelve years across various continents. You are going to be awestruck when you see her communicating with Spirit (as the black leopard is now called). It is truly remarkable!

This creature is magnificent, but emotionally damaged, and the owners of this sanctuary in South Africa had no idea how to gain the trust of this leopard. The could interact freely with all of the other big cats and had fully gained their trust, but not this one. So they called Anna, but the owner and former police officer didn’t believe she could really talk to animals.

Anna begins by telling them a lot of things they already knew, things anyone would know, but then she mentions that the leopard is concerned for the two cubs that were next to him in captivity. Anna didn’t know about those two cubs. That’s when the owners began to believe this leopard was really communicating with her.

Spirit’s original name was Diablo, and he told Anna he didn’t like it. So they changed his name to Spirit that night when, for the first time, he wandered out of his cage and into the grass where he could roam freely. He had never been out of his night cage before. This is how they knew that with Anna, they could make real progress towards the recovery of this leopard.

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