Grownup cattle act like puppies, love getting attention from rescuers

Scottish Highland cattle

Scottish Highland cattle are known for having massive horns, beautifully sleek hair, and for being majestic creatures. But, who knew they were also known to be “puppy-like?”

Scottish Highland cattle

This video will make you smile from ear to ear as you learn about Thor, the Scottish Highland cow known for his unique antics. You could say that this cow definitely loves some attention.

An animal refuge in Idaho, the Wild Roots farm gives these creatures a peaceful lifestyle. Thor, in particular, certainly gets to live his best life with these good people.

Scottish Highland cattle

Even though he’s a father, he still likes to act like a baby calf, as he craves human attention. Watching Thor being brushed and pet is genuinely one of the cutest things you could ever see.

Known for such long, beautiful hair, these cattle often need to be brushed out. As Thor receives his daily brushings, you can tell that he is in absolute cow heaven.

Scottish Highland cattles

It’s really amazing to see such majestic creatures have a close bond with their human caretakers. The cattle that live on this farm are basically oversized dogs, ready to play with their owners!

You can tell that the people who run this refuge are equally as happy as the cows. Spending time around these animals and giving them care is what their project is all about.

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