Grumpy Cat Meets Lil Bub At Cat Festival. SO Many Adorable Cats Here To See!

Besides ruling the household, cats also rule the Internet. There are so many videos out there… they conceivably could outnumber the grains of sand on the Earth. Well, maybe not that many, but it’s darn close. Why do people like cat videos so much? Cats are easier to care for than dogs and they can be as equally nutty as their canine counterparts. This video shows a news report about a cat festival in Minneapolis that draws over 14,000 cat lovers.

The stars of this festival are Grumpy Cat, whose claim to fame is her facial expression and Lil Bub, whose birth defect has his tongue sticking out all the time in a “Huh?” expression. They meet in Grumpy Cat’s trailer. Yes, this cat is on her way to worldwide domination. Both of them have fans, many of whom dress up like cats, stand in line for “autographs” from them. The “autographs” are rubber-stamped paw prints.

There are cats of every kind in the videos that they show at the festival. Only one video upset me, and I hope it drew a lot of boos at the showing – a cat jumps around a woman and she grabs his tail and moves him over. I just don’t think that’s right to do to a feline – I could understand the scruff of his neck, but his tail? No. Other than that, I loved all the clips that they showed.

How devoted were these people to cats? Well, Little Bub’s daddy has a very intricate tattoo of the cat along the side of his torso. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he went into the tattoo parlor. Then again, he loves Little Bub and if it makes him happy, why not? I do wonder how long the entire process took. He probably had to go for multiple sessions. Me… I would have just had a lot of photos up on the wall.

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