This Grumpy German Shepherd DEMANDS His Second Breakfast! LOL!

Dogs are generally very respectful and easy-going with their humans and companions, however once in a while they rebel! More likely than not the temptation behind-misbehavior is…you guessed delicious food! If there is something that these noble animals can’t resist is an opportunity to eat!

This adorable German Shepherd, named Apollo, is very grumpy. You will see how he demands more food by knocking his bowl around with his right paw, as if he has never been fed! His whole temperament is absolutely endearing, however why doesn’t his human cave in and gives him more food?

Well, shortly before the video was recoded, Apollo had just eaten a huge amount of food! Even though he is pretending to be very hungry, really he is just trying to convince his human to give him an extra snack!  You won’t be able to hold back a smile when you see just how much he is rebelling and demanding that treat!

We are very happy to see that Apollo is doing really well with his caring family, which obviously understands how much he loves food as well as the importance of keeping his appetite balanced!

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