Gruff Old Guy Keeps Throwing Out Brand New Stuff — Then His Neighbor Finds Out Why

Grumpy old man Christmas commercialThis is the touching Christmas story of a gruff old man on a secret mission to help his neighbors, and the unexpected gift he gets in return

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. This neighbor may look grumpy, but this little boy sees right through his gruff exterior.

Grumpy Old Guy Christmas AdvertThis video clip shows a man peeking out of his curtains to see what the neighbors are up to. He watches for what’s going on in their lives, for the best of all reasons.

He’s not being nosy, he wants to help. For the Christmas season, you can see his compassion for his neighbors shine. This is another reminder to not judge a book by its cover. As he looks through the window you might think he is annoyed. Nope! Like I always have said, some of us are just born with serious faces (I’m one of them, too.)

This heart of gold Secret Santa soon gets discovered. He pretends to be throwing out a brand new coffee maker right in front of the lady who just had hers broken. He offers her the coffee maker, which she accepts gratefully.

The other neighbor bouncing a baby and trying to keep cool is offered a new fan, also disguised as garbage. He goes so far as to add some dust and cobwebs. How’s that for creativity! This guy’s a genius!

Our Secret Santa ends up with a surprise gift himself at the end. His efforts have been noticed by someone. And this Secret Santa’s efforts have not got unnoticed on the Internet, either…

This video is going viral again this Christmas season when its as important as ever for us to be kind and neighborly. This really brings it home. Check this video to see how Secret Santa gets surprised to add some more joy to your Christmas.