This Grumpy Puppy Does Not Want To Get Up! You’ll Crack-Up When You See Him!

I think it is safe to say that a huge percentage of us hate waking up early. Once we hear the alarm clock go off we greet the new day with a groan followed by hitting the snooze button, all our body craving more sleep and caffeine in order to kick off the morning. Even morning people, that elusive and enthusiastic crowd, will admit to a case of Monday’s laziness once in a while. Sleeping is just the best and even more when your bed and blankets are super comfortable and warm. Well let me tell you that this sentiment is not reserved for humans only!

Watch how this absolutely adorable doggie despises getting up in the early. Oscar is a Vizla dog with a sumptuous brown coat and even more cozy bed and comforter. You can clearly see how much he loves snoozing, just like any of us sleepyheads. Just nuzzling his pillow and dreaming away, I wish I could sleep as deeply as this pup. But the best part of it all is his reaction once the loathsome alarm starts ringing,

If you think some human reactions towards being woken up are hysterical or funny this one will make you crack up and your heart-melt, all at once!

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