Guards Gave This Tough Prison Inmate A Dog. Now Watch What He Did…

Ever since humankind started settling down and forming civilization, we had several animal species that have been right there on our side since the very beginning, but no animal species comes close to dogs when it comes to a history of companionship with people. Since our earliest days, dogs have always been there to give us the most unconditional and loyal company, and their mark has certainly been made in our culture and our hearts.

For the men and women who eventually end up in prison, one of the hardest aspects of the whole experience is the very limited contact with many things from the world outside of prisons that they always took for granted before becoming convicted. Many times, this difficult environment causes them to become even more hardened and resentful after committing a crime instead of reforming, and the amazing program shown in the video below tries to put an end to that.

The program does this by reuniting stray dogs rescued from the streets with prisoners who are given the task to raise them and help them become accustomed to humans again. Through this special prison program, prisoners get a sense of purpose and a friend to look after and brighten their day, and for the dogs, it means starting their second chance at human companionship. It’s beautiful!

You can see this touching story of inmates and dogs in the video right below!

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