These Guide Dogs Were Separated When They Were Puppies. Now Watch The One On The Right…

For anybody who is very close to their loved ones and family, imagining life without them can be one of the most difficult things ever. But it’s something that can happen, even when we least expect it or want it, and it’s something that we all have to endure and learn to process. And it’s not something exclusive to humans, either.

For animals, it can be a lot more difficult, and common too. After all, we’re the whole world to our furry friends at home, and they have to see us leave the house for many hours every day, and the pets themselves were separated from their biological family when they were adopted, so they really have nothing but us humans and whatever other animal friend they can make.

The beautiful clip below was made by CBBC, and it features a delightful reunion between a dog and his litter of siblings. He had not seen any of them since the day he was adopted, and they met again now that they are all guide dog trainees. Dog meetings are always exciting, but it’s clear that this reunion was particularly special.

Do watch this touching dog video for yourself right below.


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