These Guide Dogs Have Been Separated Since They Were Pups. Now Look At The One On The Right…

For anybody who has a very close relationship with the members of their family, being apart from them can be one of the most difficult things ever. Unluckily, it’s the reality that some people face every single day, and as crazy as it may sound, it’s something that also affects animals very deeply. Their feelings are not always considered, but animals do feel connections with their families.

Many kind owners are amazing enough to bring their pets back to meet their parents and siblings again, but it’s something that only the luckiest dogs can ever hope to experience. It’s known that dogs can remember their human friends even after very long periods of time, so it’s natural to believe that they can feel the same for their animal friends.

In the touching video below, which was recorded by the CBBC, Iggy the dog is finally reunited with his siblings long after they were together as a litter of puppies back in their youth. Dogs always freak out when they meet for the first time, but this reunion is something way beyond that. My heart was melting when I saw all of them finally together again!

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