This Guilty Dog Got Caught Being Naughty. Watch Her Hilarious Reaction…

Dogs are definitely noble creatures. If your dog shares a special bond with you there are few things that will make him misbehave. Usually food and play time are the main culprits of tempting honorable pooches into breaking rules. The following video is hilariously cute example of this behavior.

If you own dogs, you know that when you confront them with wrongdoings they’ll definitely give themselves away. Check out as Mom walks in on the mess and got the most hilarious reaction. Maybe some claim that dogs can’t feel guilt, however this adorable dog slowly slinks away, clearly his reaction told her everything she needed to know

Captured on camera by the dog’s owner, Matzo can’t hide his guilt and slowly scoots father and father away and looks extremely guilty when its owner challenges it. Of course, his owner can’t help but laugh. I mean, who could ever be mad at that cute face?! This has probably happened to every dog owner — coming back home to find your little furry friend standing still with that classic guilty look.

There hasn’t been a funniest guilty dog since this bulldog who confessed in the most hilarious way possible to ruining the couch cushions.

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