Guitarist’s mind-blowing experiment creates a sound that transcends time

Austrian guitarist ‘BERNTH,’ known for his unique experiments with guitars, recently drilled numerous holes in his guitar with the help of a drilling machine. The experiment records his airflow in the instrument and tests how it affects the sound.

Equipped with all sorts of gadgets in his music studio, BERNTH puts on his headphones and starts playing music with the guitar that now has added airflow holes. And he is satisfied with the result.

He plays a beautiful track from his album “BERNTH Airflow.” The mellow sound of the guitar (with the added holes) suits the tricky piece the guitarist has chosen. BERNTH even explains that sound holes generally allow strings to vibrate freely, but too many holes may lead to a loss of sustain. However, the music piece sounds excellent even after playing the guitar for some time.

BERNTH is no stranger to experimenting with guitars. He has previously added water to a guitar, replaced guitar strings with rubber bands, and even added fireworks to the instrument. But this experiment with drilling holes into his guitar has definitely paid off.

Despite the success of his experiment, BERNTH cautions his fans and followers not to attempt drilling holes into their guitars as they may end up destroying them. The Austrian guitarist has years of experience and knows where to drill the holes without damaging the guitar.

As a guitarist, composer, and session musician, BERNTH has received two gold awards for his soundtrack work and is very popular among music lovers. He is known to mix his guitar performance with educational information, making his performances entertaining and informative.

With his experience and talent, BERNTH will continue pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a guitar and will undoubtedly create many more unique sounds for music lovers to enjoy.

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Guitarist\'s mind-blowing experiment creates a sound that transcends time