Guy Goes Fishing To Put Some Food On His Table And Ends Up Catching A Monster Instead

Fishing is certainly one of the most relaxing activities there are. Although we have seen those videos of professional fishermen reeling in huge marlins and tuna fish, we all know that most of the time it’s going to be sitting there waiting for something to bite.

That might not sound very exciting but for many fishermen around the States, this is good enough. Fishing gives you a little bit of everything. Out there in the middle of the lake or the ocean, there’s nothing to bother you. You are disconnected from almost everyone because cell phone signals are usually not very good. Besides relaxation, fishing also gives you the reward of catching something and eating it. This relates to our most basic instincts of providing food for our families or ourselves

Most fishermen will be happy with just a pond to fish their troubles away. But for those who are looking for the maximum fishing experience and really don’t want to wait for that long, there are other more adventurous options. One of them is the Amazon River. The Amazon River provides a unique fishing experience for young and old.

This river is the longest river in South America. It crosses the Amazon jungle which is home to many of the world’s most exotic species. Big rivers produce big fish and the Amazon River is not the exception. The Amazon River has been famous for having ample varieties. You just can’t go wrong if what you want is to fish something fast.

Not only will you fish something fast, but chances are you will fish something big. Professional fisherman Steve Townson takes the long trip to the Amazon. The only thing on his mind is fishing something for dinner. The bigger, the better. In all his years fishing, Steve has reeled in some of the biggest fish around. He arrives at the Amazon River with high hopes and an empty stomach.

Soon after he’s waiting for something to bite, something does. Steve feels a very strong pull on his line. He positions himself because he doesn’t want to lose the fish. He asks his companion to take him to the edge of the river. With both feet planted on the ground, he starts reeling in what he thinks is a big fish. After a few seconds, Steve can see the tail of the fish and it is huge. When he finally takes the fish out, the fish is weighing about 200 pounds! This is a real river monster.