Guy Has Heart-To-Heart Talk With His Mother. His Girlfriend’s Reaction? I Was Shaking My Head.

A young man, of about 22, was still living with his depressed mother. School and work kept him from being home much of the time. One day, while cleaning the place, he found her in bed, asleep with the television on. He sat on the edge of bed and woke her up, telling her silly jokes. They got to talking and she explained why she was depressed. It seemed like they made a breakthrough of sorts.

The guy told his girlfriend, who had just called, what he did. Did she congratulate him on helping his mother out of her funk? No. She was fixated on the fact that he sat on her bed. She found something weird about that. It’s not like he got into his own pajamas and got into bed with her. He sat at the edge of it and they had a conversation. What was he supposed to do, just email her? Perhaps she had parental issues herself.

Some people would just nod their heads at what the girlfriend said. Not this guy. Rightfully appalled at her behavior, he cut her off on the phone. He told her that she needed to learn some empathy and then hung up on her. She was probably a young woman, too. Hopefully, she took his words to heart and did some deep soul-searching before starting to date again. Maybe she called him again several months later and confessed her error. Who knows?

He was correct. This girlfriend needed a refresher course in empathy. It seems like we live in a time where people are becoming less and less empathetic. Yes, there will be a time in his life when he gets married and his wife and any children they have become his first family, but there is always room for his mother in there. What he did was not wrong at all. We need to start looking inward at our own emotions.

What a sobering video. This guy also probably dodged a bullet in the form of a possessive girlfriend who didn’t understand what his mother was going through. What do you think of this? Do any of you take the girlfriend’s side? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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