Guy makes the evening news in the most heroic way possible

Animal rescues are among my favorite videos to watch. They give you a chance to believe in humanity again. Most of the videos I see usually involve rescuing dogs from very tough situations. I remember a rescue video of a female dog in India. A rescue team had been called to look for a female dog who had been living in a dumpster for a long time.

When they arrive, they could not believe the conditions of the place. Besides the trash and the smell, the thought of an animal having to survive there was simply too overbearing to them. When they finally locate the dog under a few tires, their heart almost stopped. The dog was in terrible shape. This dog clearly had not eaten in several days. The dog had also developed a severe skin infection due to an open cut that had become infected.

The dog was in a lot of pain and would not allow people to get near her. She did not have her puppies with her anymore as apparently, some neighborhood kids had taken them to their homes. The dog looked exhausted and it was because of this that rescuers were finally able to approach the frightened dog. The rescuers approached the dog slowly trying to earn her trust. When they started giving her food, the poor dog just could not resist and started to eat.

Once the rescuers had gained her trust, the dog practically collapsed in their arms. The rescuers took a quick look at her and wrapped her in a warm blanket. They took her to the shelter where she was examined by medical staff. Once there, the doctors not only confirmed the skin infection but discovered an additional would in her leg that had also become infected.

This rescue, however, would be different. It was not a dog in need of food but a wild animal. The blazing fires had been hitting the area of California for some time now. Along with the fires had come devastation for the ecosystem and the animals that had become trapped in the fires.

A man can be seen in the following video walking alongside a highway. He is terrified of something that he sees in the fire. The flames are very big and he’s afraid of going in there himself as there would be no way that he would be able to make it out of there alive. He tries to look for something to help the poor animal with, but he can’t find anything. He stretches his arms to grab the animal, and after a few attempts, he finally can. He takes the poor little critter in his arms and takes him to safety. You won’t believe what it was!