This Squirrel Will Wriggle Her Way Into Your Heart

YouTuber Mark Justice has shared some videos of a squirrel that hangs around at his place. She is delightful, full of energy, and loves to play. Mark named this cutie, Eleanore.

Eleanore loves to play, but she also loves walnuts. Not just any nuts, she loves those too, but walnuts in particular. She is very human-friendly, and when Mark leaves the door open of the house, Eleanore will even come inside for a play and skit around.


She really is full of energy, too. Mark will put his arm out for her, and she will skitter all over him, acting like he is a branch of a tree. And speaking of trees, Eleanore even has her own tree at Mark’s property. It is her favorite tree to play in, and Mark will go over to feed her treats there also.

Eleanore is a beautiful squirrel that loves to play. When her owner goes to pet her, she goes crazy with affection and jumps all over his hand. After all, Eleanore is pretty small. Watch her play in this super cute video. She’s playing “Catch the Finger,” and she loves every minute of it.

This Squirrel Will Wriggle Her Way Into Your Heart