This Guy Is Sad. Watch What His Dog Does To Comfort Him! Aww!

Well, isn’t this just delightful? There are many perks to having a dog in the house. Dogs are adorable, therapeutic, delightful, and they bring in a lot of fun and laughter into your life.

And this one dog we’re about to show you mixes all that into this one simple but incredibly heart-warming act.

I am not sure how the dog and his owner got into this position but anyway, a Dalmatian was chilling on the couch when her owner decided to rest on her chest while she was laying belly up.

Like a caring mother, the dog caresses the big guys head as to comfort him, as if telling him that everything’s going to be alright. She also let out a couple of licks on the guy’s head and face. It is such a tender moment to witness.

It’s simple moments like this that distracts us from everyday stress and make us thankful for the little things in life. As a dog owner, oh what I wouldn’t give to have a moment that’s just as beautiful as this!

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