A Guy Shows Photos of Other Gorillas to A Gorilla – Priceless!

Gorillas are amongst the most fascinating, beautiful, and intelligent animals that roam the earth today. The fact that they are so like us but at the same time, so physically powerful has amazed people from the beginning of time. Many scientists have made their life goal to preserve as many of these wonderful animals as they can possibly do. Many poachers have hunted them for many reasons, and their numbers have gone down dramatically. Even to the point of considering them to be at risk of extinction.

Paul Ross, who is the owner of the video below, has gone to Louisville Zoo and met Jelani. Jelani is a huge silverback gorilla who enjoys roaming around in his 4-acre sanctuary.


Paul posts below the video “The Louisville Zoo works hard to provide Jelani and his group with great nutrition, a stimulating and wide-open environment, medicine and a chance and hopefully through awareness and captive breeding they’ll help move this beautiful species off that endangered list.”

The video Paul has shared is of him showing Jelani pictures of other gorillas. Jelani has some of the best facial expressions and movements in response to seeing these photos. Primate Tinder, anyone? Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to read through all the information from Paul too.

A Guy Shows Photos of Other Gorillas to A Gorilla – Priceless!