This Guy Took His Puppy For A Walk By A Tennis Court When His Puppy Did THIS! So CUTE!

This super cute video will have you saying “Awww” in no time. This guy is taking his adorable puppy for a walk when they walk by a tennis court with some guys playing. Well, let’s just say that this puppy decided he wanted a break! Check out what he does in the video!

Like all dogs, this puppy has already learned to love the magical yellow bouncy ball that humans call a “tennis” ball. When he saw it flying in the air, going back and forth between two rackets, he had to know what was going on!
In a way, this must have felt a bit like a game of “monkey in the middle” for this puppy. You know if given the chance he’d run right in there and snatch that ball! What did you think of the puppy’s reaction? Let us know below!

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