Guy Tries To Steal This Woman’s Phone In The Subway. He Quickly Suffers Instant Karma

The underground market for stolen cell phones is enormous and spans the globe. Many of the thefts are as simple as grabbing a phone out of someone’s hands and running off with it. The phone’s user may be so absorbed by whatever is happening on the screen that they don’t even see the thief coming. The iPhone, expensive and stylish, is a favorite target for thieves, so much so that the term “Apple picking” was coined.

The video we’ve posted for you below shows a Russian “Apple picker” in action. It was all captured by a security camera in a subway station corridor. Coming down the stairs and around the corner, he obviously thought he’d happened upon the perfect target: a young woman who was by herself and looking intently at her iPhone’s screen, apparently oblivious to her surroundings. In true “Apple picker” fashion, he just walked right up to her like it was the most natural thing in the world and grabbed the phone right out of her hands.

However, this “Apple picker” made a serious mistake. He should have trotted away quickly, but instead, perhaps feeling invincible, he starts to saunter off at a casual pace. The young woman swings into action. She smacks him in the back with her bag. After he turns around to face her, she really starts going to town on him, punching him square in the face and kicking him between the legs. Finally, he gets a roundhouse kick to his face; it’s so hard that she’s sent stumbling backward into the corridor wall.

With the would-be cell phone thief writhing in agony on the floor, the young woman gathered up her belongings, including the iPhone, of course, and dashed away. A lot of people who’ve seen the video are convinced it’s fake. How likely is it this random woman would have such impressive martial arts skills? But, who knows? Truth can be stranger than fiction.

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