This Guy’s Cat Thinks He Is A Dog And It Is Adorable Beyond Belief! Such A Cutie LOL!

Do you love cats? Do you love dogs? Would you like to see a creature that resembles both of these animals? Well, no worries! This video will quench that weird craving of yours! The cat in this video is a little bizarre and follows a different norm than your standard cat.

This cat is of the Ragdoll breed of cats. These cats usually are large and muscular with a soft and silky coat. They have blue eyes and a distinct type of fur. And the best part? Ragdoll cats are commonly considered to be dog-like! And this little cutie here thinks he is one! He’s proof that cats can be trained. Or maybe he’s just doing what he wants and lets us think he’s been trained. Either way, it’s pretty funny.

This cat can fetch objects like a dog. His owner throws a toy across the room, and the cat trots over to get it, but I noticed he doesn’t run back like a dog. He saunters slowly back to his owner. LOL! He’s going to have full control of this trick! Actually, I suspect he controls everything in this house. He seems to be the one in charge.

Not only does he fetch, he retrieves! This was pretty funny. He got something stuck in his fur and was dragging it across the room unintentionally. I guess that’s a form of retrieval.

Watch this dog…..oops, cat below! What do you think of his many tricks? Please let us know in the comments!

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