Guys Created Racetrack For Toy Cars And Added Insane Video Production

The Diecast Rally is a league featuring 1:64 diecast sports action racing. This racetrack for toy cars offers a striking backdrop and course for the first rally event of the league. Despite simple props and toy cars, the production value is nothing short of amazing. It’s hard to believe that you’re looking at Hot Wheels Matchbox cars going around a toy track.

Classic and modern rally cars take to the track in a series of exciting time-trials. Not every car makes it through the track, but this brilliant production from 3Dbotmaker has all the thrills and spills available in slow-motion replay. From the track to the stunts and even the commentary – you’ll be hooked.

Diecast collectors will love this rally, but it’s so creative and fast-paced that anyone could easily fall in love with the series. The first event from 3Dbotmaker’s Diecast Rally is sure to have you captivated by the action, while gearheads can look forward to seeing some of the world’s best Hot Wheels Matchbox rally cars.