Haflinger horse and her human friend have the same blonde curls

Haflinger horse and her owner have the same blonde curls

In the Netherlands, there lives a horse with a gorgeous mane. She is a Haflinger horse named Storm. Her hair is long, blonde, and wonderfully curly. All of this makes her a perfect match for her dear friend, Naomi Beckers.

Naomi Beckers is Storm’s lifelong friend. They are a perfect match because Beckers also has beautiful blonde hair that is curled. If their hair is seen together it would be hard to tell them apart.

They have spent years together, forming a bond that is now stronger than ever. On Storm’s backside, they even shaved her hair into a pattern of stars.

Haflinger horse and her owner have the same blonde curls

Out on the farm grounds, Naomi and Storm show off what they can do together. It is a cold day and Naomi is dressed warmly, while Storm’s majestic mane dances in the wind.

Storm follows Naomi’s instructions with no hesitation. She trots around, bows, sits, and lays on the ground. There is nothing she won’t do for her best friend.

They even love to take photos together, Naomi and Storm both striking their best poses. Storm even lets Naomi ride on top of her. Seeing both of them together is a mesmerizing sight.

There is not much in the world that is more beautiful and sacred than the bond between a human and their beloved animal. The friendship of Storm and Naomi is the perfect example of that.

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