Hair That Defined Him, That People Knew Him By, Changed the Day Before Prom. I Was Speechless!

Hairstyles have been implicated in many different cultures and eras. Sometimes defining who we were or what we did for a job. From the military buzz cut to the dapper and successful locks of a businessman. Even further back, separating Vikings long braided locks from a monk with the top of his head shaved. If you had dreads, were unshaven or long hair, it was assumed you were jobless or homeless. The social assumptions alone make some people a bit twitchy when it comes to a haircut or their hair.

A lot even have had their identity closely rooted in with their hair. Thinking that their hair helps identify who they are or what they stand for. This, however flawed it may be, isn’t too far off from a social aspect. Some people do still judge others by their looks. A lot of employers will determine if you get a job, simply from your hair cut and your clothes. It’s a two-sided coin. You may feel a certain way about your hair and your identity, but it’s society’s standards of what is acceptable and proper that forces us to think that way. So, when you lose the hairstyle you’ve loved for so long, a style others hated, there’s a lot of misunderstanding that can follow.

Seventeen-year-old Julien had a bit of a different take. His hair long and flowing, Julien must’ve spent a few years growing his signature style. Yet, some things just change with time. After the young teen had to do more than one ponytail just to handle his hair, he realized he needed a haircut. The night before prom, he decided to take his at least 4 feet of hair to a barbershop.

The transformation, the before and after will leave you speechless. Underneath all that hair the find the most surprising thing.
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