Hair & Makeup Time-Lapse Video Shows 100 Years of Beauty Trends in The Philippines

Episode 6 of Cut’s ‘100 Years of Beauty’Starting off as early as the 1910s, this video takes us through 100-years of beauty, modeled by a face from the Philippines. The journey uses timelapse to shock and amaze, bringing attention to the massive differences clear in contrast between then and now.

History has undergone a lot of changes, but beauty remains at the forefront of society. Most of the beauty sense shown in this video is applicable to today, but some of the more dramatic styles will only soon a particular look. See if you can find a trend in the evolution of beauty, such as how one can notice a fondness for sleeker, smoother styles developing in later years.

You’ll scarcely recognize the model as she is totally transformed in an episode of ‘100 Years of Beauty’ by Cut magazine. Each of their shows shines a light on female beauty and the transitions undergone over the years – this time around, you’re shown Filipino makeup & hair changes.