A hairy husband gets his first shave in 20 years. Wait until you see this makeover!

Have you ever watched those shows where people are given a makeover? If not, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. A makeover gives the people in it a chance to revisit who they are. What do you think are the reasons for people to undergo such drastic transformations? Well, one of them is definitely desperation. In most cases, it is a family member the one who submits the entry for them in the first place.

The people selected for the makeover are sometimes not aware that they will be in a show until they are notified of their selection. For them, it is an emotional journey as it is a physical one. The shows normally tell the story of how they ended up looking like that physically. Each case tells a different story on its own. For some of them, it has been a result of depression.

Sometimes losing a family member sends these people into a spiral of depression. They stop taking care of themselves and their body. They stop caring about how they look and what they are going to wear and start getting dressed in the first thing they find, just to get the entire process finished as soon as possible. In a matter of a few years, their clothes will look severely worn out (because they are usually wearing the same thing over and over again) and outdated.

This then tends to affect them in the workplace, as their image and depression impact their efficiency, and they are usually let go. Getting back on their feet is something that takes a major involvement on the part of their family. Their family submits the entry in desperation, so the person can get a wakeup call, and hopefully remain on the right track.

The shows often give them gym memberships, clothes, and a complete makeover in a salon or barbershop. The host goes with them to the stores and lets them pick some clothes based on the person’s goals (i.e. landing a new job). It will come included with some advice for how to dress on certain occasions and how to carry themselves in an appropriate manner.

In the end, the person is always grateful for the intervention and will be loving his or her fresh style. The change leaves a lasting impression and a new sense of confidence. Just like the case in the next video. A bearded and long-haired man is seen standing next to the show’s hosts. He is about to get the makeover, not even his wife was prepared for!