Homeowners Halloween light show brightens the night with incredible special effects

Halloween light show

Are you bored with putting the same lame décor on your house year after year? Maybe it is time to mix things up a bit. A video shows you exactly what to do this year to make it difficult for the Jones’ to keep up with you.

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who are you going to call? Maybe you should call Seasoned Projections. This channel posted a video showing a new way to make your house stand out this Halloween.

In this video, an ordinary house is brought to life by using light projections. The super-realistic display makes the house look as if it is in a real Ghostbusters movie. The projections perfectly match the dimensions of the house.

Halloween light show

In one sequence, the projections make it look like there is a fire burning inside the house. The light fits all the dimensions and makes the light projections look extraordinarily real. Flames from the windows are perceived to be engulfing the house and licking the external walls.

‘The special effects are so epic and realistic that I bet the fire department was called a few times by freaked-out neighbors and pedestrians,’ one of the amazed viewers of the video wrote online.

As if the light show is not spectacular enough, the background music is the super catchy and uplifting official Ghostbusters song from the 1980’s franchise. Also, watch out for all your favorite Ghostbusters characters making appearances in the video.

This idea is a prime example of how you could make your house stand out this Halloween. If you plan to go this route with your decorations, maybe it would be a good idea to start saving up your electricity bill well in advance.

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