Halloween Is A LONG Ways Off, But When I Came Across This Video, I Just Had To Share It!

Halloween is truly a night of tricksters and jokesters. From all of the different costumes, practical jokes, pranks, and silly toys- it really can be quite the confusing celebration for those not expecting what seasoned Halloweener’s love of the 31st of October. Dressing up as something other than yourself can be quite disorienting for your animals. They have never seen you in your Halloween get up. It can be quite a shock to your system when one moment your look like your normal dad or mom self, then suddenly, some figure wearing a scary and confusing mask appears in your place? Disorienting and scary.

Yet, I don’t think this is the main source of fear that most dogs or cats have. While the moving and motion sensor toys aim to frighten them at every turn, I think the main source of dread that most dogs have, are all the adorable costumes we fit them into. It appears that not only are the outfits uncomfortable, but they also have no idea who they are supposed to be. Some people can get inventive with the costumes. My favorites will always be the dogs that look like teddy bears, dressed up as Ewoks. Just perfect, I couldn’t stop laughing, I was in absolute hysterics when I saw their precious little faces looking all rugged and tribal. Just amazing.

What did you think? I couldn’t get enough, even though I’m sure these pups were so done with Halloween the moment they started out the day. We’d love to hear from you. What did you think of this hilarious compilation? Please leave us a “Like” on Facebook, share this hilariously darling compilation with a friend or family member, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. We appreciate you. Thank you.

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