Hana, Maru’s Young Kitty Friend, Celebrates Her Fourth Birthday. SO ADORABLE.

There’s always a cause for celebration when a notification pops up from YouTube that Maru’s mommy and daddy have uploaded another video. It happens a LOT more than Christmas and my birthday, which is good. I’d hate to have to wait six months for each video. Then again, they tend to be so good that I would wait if I had to. This one does not actually feature Maru, but it is still VERY watchable.

The video is a celebration of the OTHER cat in the Maru household. Her name is Hana and she just turned four. She’s appeared in plenty of Maru videos, but more as a spectator than anything else. Well, she’s front and center here and she’s even more adorable than ever. There are some great close-ups of her face. It’s so much fun to see her leaping around and acting all frisky – she’s quite charismatic.

Hana is a VERY playful cat. We see her climb into a sack with a hole at the bottom and swipe at a toy on a string that passes by. Her mommy also puts a wind-up mouse in one of those clear laundry hampers and she goes absolutely nuts trying to get it. She also does a variety of things like leap into a tall box, much like Maru did when he was younger, and chase a reflection all over the place. There’s so much cat goodness in a short amount of time.

There are a few hilarious interactions between Hana and Maru. One time, she’s laying on top of him while he’s in a sack, trying to get out. Another time, she’s in a box with him and she’s playing with a toy her mommy is waving past her while Maru stares off like, “Whatever”. Then another time, Maru is stretched out in a cloth sack, his head poking out the other end and Hana is resting her head on his body. I couldn’t believe how long he stretches out in that part – he’s like a snake!

Hana has apparently learned a lot from Maru, but she adds her own quirks to what she does. The student has learned well from the master. May the two of them make more wonderful videos together. Are you a Maru/Hana fan? Let us know in the comments and also please “Like” us on Facebook.

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