Hand-Feeding Hummingbirds Is A Wondrous Thing To Watch… WOW

Scott Kemp was staying in Saltery Lodge near Ketchikan in Alaska, when he saw a hummingbird hovering near the feeder. The beautiful bird was beating its wings so fast that he was amazed. He wanted to capture the hummingbird because that little bird was fiercely protecting the feeder, not allowing others to come near it.

Every time another hummingbird would approach the feeder, he would fly after them to scare them away. You could clearly see that the hummingbird considered the feeder as its own property as it terrorized the other hummingbirds.

Can you imagine that these tiny creatures cover 2,500 miles and reach Alaska after flying in from Mexico? And to think that Scott managed to capture such a rare moment. Feeding birds is a beautiful thing, but being able to feel the fast flutter of a hummingbird’s wings as it feeds from your hands in a unique experience that only few get to enjoy.

Their wins and hearts beat over a thousand times a minute and when you watch this, your heart beat is sure to accelerate as well!

What did you think of this video? Do hummingbirds visit your area? Right now we have the tiny birds fluttering, flying around looking for food. I think I’m gonna try this too! Let us know if you have any success in feeding them and getting a picture of them too. Write in and tell us in the section below.