A Hand Suddenly Slides Across Keyboard. It’s ABBA And We’re Happily Back In the 1970’s.

Here’s a song that’s still a staple at nearly every bar in America. At some point in the night, that familiar hand slide across the keyboard to kick off ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” will fill the air, and then the infectious groove begins. There will be many a butt wiggle on bar stools to keep time. While Disco did die a long time ago, with those bell bottom pants and corduroy clothes, this is one song that has stayed alive. Oops. That’s another enduring Disco song by another band.

What is it that makes people still love this song, one that is more than four decades old? Well, the people that are in the older generation, the ones that were their teens twenties then are still spry and fun-loving fifty- and sixty-year old men and women. They often played their favorite music to their children as they grew up… and here we have it… the song is still going strong, with nearly 170 MILLION views of it since it was uploaded in 2009.

Another thing that helped keep this song in the public eye was when Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin were in the movie version of the hit play “Mamma Mia!”, which uses all ABBA songs. “Dancing Queen” was used. The play has had a really long run, with it having international stagings as well. It’s not just America that still loves ABBA. It’s the entire world that’s still dancing along.

The thing about this is that it is just a fun song to bop along to. You could be having a terrible day, lost your job, your spouse, your dog… hopefully not all at once, but once the song begins, all that disappears. It also can take you back to your younger days when things were much different, much more carefree. It just makes you feel good. Just please don’t go digging out your leisure suit again. That’s one thing that needs to stay disappeared.

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